Welcome to my website. My name is Laura and I have been teaching yoga since 2003. I am passionate about helping people discover their hidden potential for movement and freedom in order to undo the effects our modern lifestyle can have upon our bodies, minds and spirits. My Vinyasa flow yoga instruction fuses the 10 years I have spent on the mat exploring the landscape of my inner being as well as my 20 years of background in dance. I offer private yoga lessons and group yoga clasess in San Diego, CA.  Remember to breathe deeply, appreciate all of life's experiences and live from your heart!


Certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher Laura Dasi offers group yoga classes and private lessons in San Diego, California. Fluid movement, grace and strength are the results of continued practice with Laura's guidance.

  "The best words to describe Laura's yoga flow classes are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Through challenging, controlled movement, you caress your muscles, preventing injury. I've been a yoga student for 30 years and Laura easily makes my top 5 teacher list of all time." - Sally